Choosing an Organic Pet Food

Whether your pet food shares the USDA Organic Seal or a certified seal like OCIA, your food choice is largely organic. True, USDA organic does promise a larger percentage of organic ingredients. But this guarantee does not come without a price, and I'm not speaking here about dollars. 
Pet food, unlike human food, has fewer suppliers and manufacturers. Just as with human organic foods, the companies often tend to be small. While I love the mom-and-pop operations, there tends to be one significant drawback to purchasing the USDA Organic foods from the very small makers--reliable availability. For my pets, this is a huge matter.

As you may know, changing your pets' food means digestive shifting. Food changes should be made gradually over a period of a week or more to assure that your pet does not experience digestive upset. Not only will this likely create messes for you, but it isn't much fun for your pet either.

No matter how you look at this decision, locating a brand that will be reliably available is critical to the success of your choice, both for you and for your pets. Ask questions, talk to other customers, and even go so far as to inquire with employees about the products that are most likely to be in stock each time you visit. 

On the heels of that advice comes one additional detail. If you choose to go with USDA  Organic food, for your pets' sake, please stay well stocked. Don't wait till the last minute to visit the store to get an additional supply. And further, do your homework to locate a second (and even a third) store in your area that carries the brand and flavor you have selected. You'll need backups to keep your pets' tummies calm. 

While this topic may seem a bit mundane to you, I encourage you to take it seriously before making a switch. I learned the hard way that no matter which USDA Organic brand switch to an organic food that is certified by OCIA--Natural Balance. The only downside is that there is a somewhat lower percentage of organic ingredients in the package. I found this compromise was well worth the reliable stock I find at my local pet supply stores--all of them!

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